23 August 2013

Degustacija Vina

In Sveta Nedelja, a little village on the south coast of Hvar island in Croatia, people, locals, foreigners, gather together to make wine degustations regularly. Sometimes a reduced group of people, sometimes bigger but, the most important is to get together and have a good time, and drink Wine.

The calm night approached, came with the dark twilight, only fought by the tungsten light lanterns of the restaurant Bilo Idro at the Marina of Sveta Nedelja. The scents of the sea approached thanks to the soft breeze. Heard the mooring ropes of the boats dancing to the movement of waves; they hissed, they creaked, touching each other; the sound of the glasses of wine and beer, the laughs of people, sharp, strong, unconscionable, filled a relaxed atmosphere. My nose felt the smell of fried fish, grilled fish; I am hungry.

Going in the restaurant, realised everything was quiet, just a couple of people,  but that wasn’t going to stay like this for long… A few more people were expected and as soon the wine drops were filling the glasses and most important, the wine degustation participants, would get more interesting.