contact & bio

Jordi Garcia Rodriguez

+49 1523 7780076

Film Director, Cinematographer, Storyteller and Journalist from Barcelona currently living in Berlin. A lifelong autodidact, enthusiastic about world cultures and telling stories through the medium of film.

I create informative and artistic videos for various clients and as a form of self-expression. I am continually exploring new styles of filmmaking, techniques and modes of communication. My goal is to reach an audience by giving them access to something they have never lived, whether close to home or far from it.

Currently Jordi has finished “Der Hauptbahnhof“. 72 min documentary about the Afrikaburn festival in South Africa. Now has three more projects on the way: Non-Citizens, documentary about migration. The New Normal, a documentary about life in a refugee camp in the North of Uganda and the short fiction film “Rain Clouds” that is in consideration for international film festivals.

New Projects:
The New Normal (In Production)
Non-citizens (In Production)
Rain Clouds (In Production)